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Noto Physical Therapy is a privately-owned company that provides tailored therapy services within your own home

Monday - Friday 8a.m. - 6p.m.


Noto Physical Therapy offers therapy services for most any diagnosis including, but not limited to:


orthopedic conditions

cardiac / pulmonary

Other conditions

about noto physical therapy


  • Physical Therapist and Owner of Noto Physical Therapy PLLC
  • Simmons College - Doctorate in Physical Therapy (2005)
  • Utica College - BS in Physical Therapy and (2000)

I began my career at Sunnyview Hospital and Rehabilitation Center building expertise in neurological rehabilitation for stroke, Parkinson's disease, Multiple Sclerosis, and Gillian-Barre Syndrome.  Through hands-on experience and continued education, I became a regional leader and specialist in amputee rehabilitation and post-operative and prosthetic training, from standing to sprinting.  I advanced to the role of Inpatient Neurovascular Physical Therapy Team Leader and Inpatient Neurovascular Program Coordinator, and continued my education utilizing the latest technological advances in therapy, including orthotics, microprocessor-controlled prosthetic knees, ultra-lightweight wheelchairs, wheelchair seating systems, and the Bioness system.
My experiences in outpatient therapy, inpatient rehabilitation, acute care, long-term care, skilled nursing facilities, home care, and clinical research allow me to provide a more comprehensive therapy program, setting my clients up for success as they continue their recovery.

Information & policies

What to Expect During Your First Visit

To prepare for your first visit, please wear comfortable clothing that you can easily move around in.  The evaluation will have you moving in different positions and restrictive clothing can make it difficult to move.  Any recent copies of medical visits, a list of medications, and list of medical conditions will help when we discuss your history.  Having these documents available for the evaluation and/or a person knowledgeable in these areas is extremely helpful.  If you have your therapy prescription prior to our appointment, please have it available during our session.

On your first visit, we will start our session by discussing your current medical status, medical history, the limitations you are currently experiencing, and your goals for therapy. 

Next, the evaluation will take a detailed look at how well you move, your strength, range of motion, balance, endurance, and overall mobility.  Findings from this first part of the evaluation will direct more in-depth testing to target the root of the problem.

Once we have finished the evaluation, we will discuss the findings and recommended treatment approach to address your impairments.  The treatment plan is individually tailored, based on your evaluation and your established goals.  A heavy focus will be placed on maximizing your independence, while not compromising your safety.  Once your plan is in place, treatment can begin.

Notice of Privacy Practices

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  • "My husband suffered a stroke on Sep 30, 2014 and after 13 weeks in the hospital and rehab, we were able to take him home. On the reccomendation of Sunnyview Hospital, we hired Tony as his therapist. They said Frank would never be able to climb stairs or walk unassisted. With the help of Tony and his patience and knowledge and Frank’s determination, within 6 weeks he was climbing stairs to our bedroom and walking down the driveway to get the mail. Tony Noto is awesome and a blessing. I would recommend him to everyone."

    -Faye R.
  • "Stroke recovery and rehabilitation can be a long and often frustrating process for the patient, family and caregivers. Having a confident and compassionate Physical Therapist like Tony Noto is an absolute must! Tony came highly recommended by several of our healthcare professionals. He has worked diligently with us, our therapists, and specials needs service providers to be sure we achieved the goals that have been our priority."

    -Christine K.
  • "I credit Tony with the remarkable progress that I have made since I began working with him. My physicians are amazed by the improvement given my age and my history of untreatable adult Muscular Dystrophy, compounded by a life-threatening surgery. Following the surgery, I lost a major portion of my functionality and became confined to a wheelchair. Since our first encounter, Tony has dedicated himself to helping me achieve my ultimate goal of getting back to baseline and regaining my independence..."

    -Angie C.
  • "...Thanks to Tony, I have reached many milestones: I have eliminated the use of a Hoyer Lift, I am able to stand from my chair, and I have begun walking again – these have been my greatest challenges. It is his exceptional skill, determination and persistence, challenging me further with activities of increasing difficulty that motivate me to perform at a higher level, despite the odds against me. In addition to his professionalism, he consistently displays a caring attitude, reacting with genuine excitement to each of my successes. Along with giving his all to my therapy, Tony goes above and beyond the call of duty as a liaison with medical supply companies, assisting me with selection, adjustment and maintenance of my equipment needs. Tony is not only my PT, he is my cheerleader and advocate! I am so grateful to him for his efforts"

    -Angie C.
  • "Tony Noto became my physical therapist after I had become a bilateral amputee (both legs) and was confined to my wheelchair. Tony was instrumental in helping me rebuild my body core and obtain the proper wheelchair for my needs. This allowed me to move forward with my life instead of just sitting in a corner feeling sorry for myself and doing nothing. Over a period of time, Tony helped me recondition my residual limbs and obtain prosthetics for them. He taught and coached me, which allowed me to ambulate (walk) for short distances at a time and he was always there for me. Tony’s encouragement and advice helped me return to a rewarding and productive life. If you need a physical therapist there is no better than Tony – in my opinion, he is the best there is."

    -Brian D.