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Physical Therapy has a broad scope of practice.  Below are a list of the most common services utilized and details regarding that service.  Noto Physical Therapy is committed to deliver the highest quality of care and will utilize many of these services, in conjunction, to give the best possible outcome.

Restorative Physical Therapy

Therapy services to improve and restore function

Maintenance Physical Therapy

Therapy services to maintain current functional status and prevent regression

Walking (Gait) Evaluations and Training

Gait analysis identifying barriers to fluid independent gait, with recommendations for assistive device (walker/cane) or bracing as needed.  Training to target weakened or poorly coordinated muscles and balance problems

Brace (Orthotic) Evaluations and Training
  • Includes gait analysis with and without current bracing and may require orthotic adjustment or advancement.  Training to target optimal brace utilization with mobility, often requiring collaboration with current orthotist
  • Upper extremity/neck/spine orthotic evaluation for fit, putting on/off as needed, and maximizing function with bracing, often requiring collaboration with current orthotist
Artificial Limb (Prosthetic) Evaluations and Training

Includes gait analysis with and without current prothesis and may require prosthetic fit adjustment or advancement.  Skin assessment and prosthetic wearing schedule.  Training to target optimal prosthetic utilization with mobility, often requiring collaboration with current prosthetist

Return to Home Mobility Assessment

An assessment of mobility within home and recommendation to improve ease and safety of mobility

Home Safety Evaluations

Evaluation of current home set-up (entrance, furniture, chair heights, flooring surfaces) with recommendation to improve home accessibility, independent mobility, and safety

Caregiver/Aide Training

Skilled training for family, caregivers, and/or aides to better assist a loved one with daily tasks, i.e. guided exercises, stretching, transfer training, gait training, positioning device and brace application

Wheelchair Evaluations

Manual and power wheelchair evaluations, along with the appropriate seating system to maximize mobility and positioning needs, performed in conjunction with an authorized wheelchair vendor

General Wellness Programs

A tailored exercise program will be designed to help maintain strength, flexibility, balance, and aerobic conditioning

Sports Specific Training

Rehabilitation treatment program designed to help you return to or improve your desired athletic hobby.  This may occur out of the home to better mimic sport conditions, i.e. track, soccer field, pool

Guided Recreational Experience

Offsite guided instruction and, as appropriate, adaptive equipment, to explore new options for recreation.   Adaptive rock climbing, golf, hiking, biking, and swimming to name a few.